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AI Art + Poetry

AI Art is a very new and exciting art form! I love using it to help me create art in an intuitive way. And recently I’ve combined it with my love of writing poetry to provide what I hope is something fresh and interesting.

So I am creating ‘AI Art and Poetry about Our Human Rights’.

Why? Because I believe we should never ever forget that we have Human Rights. And I hope my re-presenting them in this way will rekindle an interest and thirst for the knowledge of what having Human Rights mean to us as a species.

A man in the forest, third eye expanded.

Our Human Rights – What are they?

Our inalienable Human Rights can be found at the UDHR – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

How many of us are aware of what they are? Not many.


I have made my artistic interpretations and reimaginings available as poster, and art canvas at Etsy. Why not access them directly below in the Gallery for your convenience?

And I confirm, that I a human, have written the poems, with the images being created using AI as a tool.

The Poetry

I have written 30 poems, one for each article of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, each capturing what I believe to be it’s essence, but presented in an intriguing and thought provoking way. And each can be found with an accompanying uniqely created image at Etsy. The poems however, for your perusal can be found here at Poems.

An AI generated image of a cyborg with multi coloured characters on it's shoulders.
A portrait of a beautiful multi-ethnic woman wearing a headdress.

What is AI Art?

AI Art, an intriguing intersection of technology and creative expression, has been capturing the attention of art enthusiasts and human rights advocates alike. And with their use of algorithms and machine learning techniques these smart machines are able to generate unique visual compositions. The result is that we are being inspired and challenged in our understanding of art.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my personal contribution to the conversation.

AI Art + Poetry – Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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